About SplintCo Inc.

The directors of SplintCo Inc. have been in the custom splinting business for over 15 years.  Over this time, it has been noticed that an alternative to hard thermal plastics that are user friendly to both therapists and end users is in great demand.

A relationship with Chrisofix from Switzerland and Hungary was established to supply a line of light yet durable and effective easy to use splints to Canada which has already been established in Europe as well as several other countries.

This line of prefabricated, corrugated, aluminum core skin friendly splints are:

  • quick to apply, within one minute, without heat or water
  • re-adjustable, even by the patient
  • lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • X-ray transparent
  • washable
  • cost effective
  • can ensure not only semi-circular fixation, but in some cases even full circular fixation.

SplintCo Inc. offers splints for the finger, hand, wrist, elbow, elbow and wrist, ankle and Achilles, knee, whole leg, and rib fracture to name a few from first aid splinting to fracture splinting to therapy splinting.

General Information

The splints we offer are composed of a corrugated aluminum core, covered with a polyethylene layer, and then laminated with polyamide and cotton.  The materials used on the surfaces are friendly to skin and non-allergenic. They are washable and can be used of a long period of time.  All of the splints are manufactured in an ISO-certified plant and delivered with a CE mark.  The pre-shaped splint can be applied and perfectly fitted to the injured body part within one minute, without heat or water.