For Therapists

For years now, I have been working with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists doing in-services and conferences specializing in custom splinting for fingers.  While at the conferences and learning sessions, I have noticed that an alternative to casting and thermal plastics was desired among the therapists I have attended with.

A relationship was developed with Chrisofix, a research and development company in Switzerland, where this type of product has been developed and widely used in Europe.

SplintCo Inc. is now bringing in these pre-fabricated splints to Canada.

Chrisofix splints are made up of a corrugated aluminum core, which makes them adjustable and easy to apply while maintaining a solid form to stabilize or rest injured body parts.  The surface and interior are made of a cotton or cloth material that is washable and comfortable to the client.  Most of the splints offered by Chrisofix also have a terrycloth liner that is removable and washable.

What does this provide in difference to casting or thermal plastics?

-quick and easy application within minutes saving time and effort by the therapists.
-a rigid yet formable splint effective in resting or supporting injured body parts
-a cost effective splint in comparison to traditional splinting materials
-a washable splint that is x-ray permeable that does not carry undesirable odors after weeks of use

Hospital facilities such as Occupational Therapy departments, Physiotherapy Departments, Emergency Departments, Hand and Upper Limb Departments, Orthopedic, Casting, Lower Limb…and the list goes on are now finding how advantageous and useful these splints are for both the Therapists as well as the clients who need them.

We invite you to view the line of splints within this site and their application processes.  We also would encourage you to print off our order form and fill in the spaces provided to order splints by fax or email.

We look forward to working with you soon…you can go to "For Therapists" page, to create your account with us.